Black History Month 2021 at The Christie day nursery

Black History Month takes places every year in October in the UK to mark the contributions of Black people throughout history. In 2021, the Black History Month theme is ‘for Black and Brown people to share what they are proud to be’. This involved putting on a range of virtual events, celebrations, arts, music and health events and performances.

Staff from across The Christie took part in Black History Month throughout October. As part of the activity, children in the day nursery learned all about Black history and the positive impact Black and Asian communities have made on British society.

The children learned about traffic lights and their Black inventor, Garrett Morgan. Garrett Morgan filed a patent for his traffic light invention in 1923. The children learned about how he proved that inventing could be used to help people and make the world a safer place.

As well as this, the children made bunting to celebrate Black History Month. They also read a range of books to educate them on the importance of learning about Black history and went out on a trip to see the Marcus Rashford mural in Withington.

You can see the official Black History Month website for more information about the campaign and to see how you can get involved. You can also read our page on Equality, diversity and inclusion to see how The Christie provides an accessible and inclusive for our patients and staff.

Last updated: October 2021