The Christie is the largest radiotherapy (over 100,000 fractions) and brachytherapy service in UK. Rated as one of the most technologically advanced centres outside North America, The Christie radiotherapy incorporates proton beam therapy, MR Linac, stereotactic and molecular radiotherapy as well as standard (12) linac services. 

Our expertise extends to specialist advice for selecting, commissioning and training associated with new radiotherapy technology. 

We provide advice to clients on:

  • Establishing a new radiotherapy service
  • Procurement of radiotherapy equipment
  • Commissioning of radiotherapy equipment
  • Optimal utilisation of radiotherapy equipment
  • Audit of clinical practice
  • Developing clinical and operational protocols in radiotherapy
  • Medical physics expertise
  • Achieving ISO9001 (or equivalent)
  • Molecular radiotherapy
  • Radiation protection 

We are one of only two UK-based healthcare organisations licenced as corporate radiation protection advisers. This means we can advise radiotherapy providers on how to achieve international safety standards around ionising radiation. 

We can also offer specialist training to international partners either at The Christie, online or through client site visits.

Please contact us for more information about our services in this area.