The Christie Commitment

The Christie Commitment has been developed with staff and includes our principles and behaviours.

The Christie Commitment pledges describe what our patients and their families or carers can expect from us, as well as what staff can expect from each other.

The Christie Commitment helps everyone know how much of a difference they make to patients and gives us the confidence to meet future challenges together.

The Christie Commitment Champions

Across the Trust, we have a team of champions dedicated to raising the awareness of the staff engagement agenda. This ranges from promoting the importance of health and wellbeing to helping others to access learning development opportunities.

The Christie Commitment Pledges

There are five Christie Commitment pledges that reflect the needs and expectations of our staff. These are:

  • Achievement and recognition
  • Learning and development
  • Healthy workplace
  • Communication and engagement
  • Proud of The Christie

Click here for further information about our Christie Commitment pledges and see some examples of how we meet those pledges.