The Christie Commitment

The Christie Commitment pledges describe what our patients and their families or carers can expect from us, as well as what staff can expect from each other.

The Christie Commitment helps everyone know how much of a difference they make to patients and gives us the confidence to meet future challenges together.

The Christie Commitment Champions

Across the Trust, we have a team of champions dedicated to raising the awareness of the staff engagement agenda. This ranges from promoting the importance of health and wellbeing to helping others to access learning development opportunities.

The Christie Commitment Pledges

There are five Christie Commitment pledges that reflect the needs and expectations of our staff. These are:

  • Achievement and recognition
  • Learning and development
  • Healthy workplace
  • Communication and engagement
  • Proud of The Christie

Understanding the pledges

The pledges below provide a description of what each means and, more importantly, provide examples of how they are being achieved within the organisation.

  • Staff will understand what is expected of them and how they are contributing to organisational success
  • Managers will be encouraged to thank staff when they do a good job
  • We will develop a range of schemes to reward and recognise staff who ‘go the extra mile’ 
  • Staff will have good opportunities for personal development to support them in their current roles and future career progression
  • Line managers will undertake specific development programmes to ensure that they effectively lead and manage their staff
  • We will work in partnership with staff to support their health and wellbeing which will include a range of health promoting programmes and advice
  • We will develop a just culture where staff are encouraged to raise concerns and are treated fairly
  • We will develop our internal communication processes to ensure that all staff are kept informed of Trust initiatives
  • Staff will have the opportunity to be more involved in decisions which directly affect them or their services
  • Our aim is that staff will be advocates of The Christie both as a  place to be cared for and as a place to work
  • We will share (with permission) patient stories more widely across the Trust
  • We will promote the work of The Christie Charity to staff and patients
  • We will promote the results of our research to staff and patients 

Pledge examples

  • One week all staff - Twice a year, we give staff the opportunity to tell us what it feels like to work at The Christie and what could we improve on to continue to be an outstanding organisation. 
  • Staff awards - Annual event to celebrate the contribution of our staff, including recognition of achievements and also present awards such as “Rising Star”.
  • Long service awards - Presentation to recognise the contribution and dedication with certificates, badges and vouchers for 20, 30 and 40 years’ service.
  • Staff health and wellbeing event - Annual event focusing on themes such as eating well, being active, thinking well and changing lifestyle, supported by activities, competitions and prizes.
  • Staff summer celebration - An informal annual summer party in our gardens as recognition for all the hard work and achievements of our staff.

Last updated: July 2021

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