370 - Insourcing clinical services

Request Details:

Date Submitted: 21/09/2022

I would like to know the full amount spent by THE CHRISTIE NHS FOUNDATION TRUST on the Insourcing of Clinical Services and the full amount spent on the Outsourcing of Clinical Services in the 2021/22 Financial Year.

If possible, please can you also provide me with the amount the Trust spent on Insourcing and the amount spent on Outsourcing across the following clinical services in the 2021/2022 Financial Year:

• Cardiology Service
• Cardiothoracic Surgery Service
• Dermatology Service
• Ear Nose and Throat Service
• Elderly Medicine Service
• Gastroenterology Service
• General Internal Medicine Service
• General Surgery Service
• Gynaecology Service
• Neurology Service
• Neurosurgical Service
• Ophthalmology Service
• Oral Surgery Service
• Plastic Surgery Service
• Respiratory Medicine Service
• Rheumatology Service
• Trauma and Orthopaedic Service
• Urology Service

The Trust can confirm for the Financial year 2021/22
£0 - Insourcing
£0 - Outsourcing

Last updated: October 2022