358 - Software

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Date Submitted: 14/09/2022

1) Please state the suppliers – and name of software used – for the following systems used by the trust:
Electronic patient record - In-House developed - N/A
Patient administration system SystemsC - CareFlow - 2026
Electronic prescribing and medicines administration - IQHealth - iQEMO - 31/3/2023
Maternity information system - Not applicable
Diagnostic imaging information system - Sectra - PACS – February 2031
Electronic document management system - EPRO - EPRO - 28/2/2025
Laboratory information management system - Techni Data - Synergy - June 2024
Cyber security services - The release of the information you have requested could compromise the integrity and security of the Trusts network and devices. Please note that the Trust is applying an exemption under Section 38 of the Freedom of Information Act. This exemption applies where if the disclosure of this information would, or would likely to (a) endanger the physical or mental health of any individual, or (b) endanger the safety of any individual.
2) Please state the expiry date for the trust’s contracts with the suppliers referred to above for the systems in question. Please see above

Last updated: October 2022