348 - Provision of endoscopy

Request Details:

Date Submitted: 12/09/2022

I am writing with a Freedom of Information request regarding the contracted provision of endoscopy specialised staff, from independent sector, at your trust. We would like to get the number of contracts your trust has with staffing agencies for the provision of endoscopy specific staff including but not limited to consultant gastroenterologists, general surgeons, nurses (and specialist nurses) and other support staff.

Could you please provide:
- The name of the provider - Sirona
- Start and End date of contract - Ad hoc when required for nursing
- Staff contracted (FTE) - Ad hoc when required for nursing(Not worked since 1st July 2022)
- Split of staff by level – FTE (consultant gastroenterologist, nurse, specialist nurse, anaesthesiologist, etc) - Band 5 Reg Nurse
- Value of contract - n/a
- JAG accredited staff (Y/N is enough) - No

Last updated: October 2022