346 - Telephony

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Date Submitted: 12/09/2022

1. Telephony and UC/ Collaboration
a. Please confirm the manufacturer of your telephony system(s) that are currently in place - Mitel
b. When is your contract renewal date? March 2023
c. Who maintains your telephony system(s)? NG Bailey
d. Do you use Unified Communications or Collaboration tools , if so which ones? Micolab and Office 365
2. Microsoft
a) What Microsoft 365 licence do you have across the business e.g. E3, E5 - E3 Restricted and Microsoft 365 Apps for Enterprise
b) Which partner looks after your Microsoft tenant? Softcat
c) Where do you host your applications? Do you have on-premise infrastructure or do you host your applications in public or private cloud? Which? Microsoft 365 Public Cloud
3. Storage
a. Does your organisation use on-premise or cloud storage or both? both
b. Please confirm the on-premise hardware manufacturer - NetApp
c. Please confirm your cloud storage provider - Azure
d. What is your annual spend on cloud storage? Not yet known, only recently moved to cloud storage
e. How do you back up your data and with who e.g. Backup as a Service - currently with Commvault, migrating to Cohesisty

Last updated: October 2022