316 - Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI)

Request Details:

Date Submitted: 24/08/2022

I would like to know the number of employees within your trust whose job roles formally require them to address issues of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI), including but not limited to all staff whose job title has ‘EDI’, ‘Equality’, ‘Diversity’ or ‘Inclusion’ in it, as well as all remuneration costs for these roles. 6 employees. Total remuneration cost £ 231,611

Does your NHS trust have an EDI strategy, a diversity strategy, or any other strategy aimed at increasing the amount of female, BAME, LGBT+, or disabled employees? We have an EDI Delivery Plan and an EDI Objectives. We have an action to “support the development of an Inclusive Recruitment Strategy”. This includes: “to identify a diverse range of recruitment initiatives and campaigns to ensure that adverts are reaching a diverse range of people in the community”

What are the costs related to the development and implementation of these strategies? Costs have not yet been allocated to the implementation of the EDI Delivery Plan.

Is your NHS trust involved in any other project or initiative aimed at promoting diversity, in terms of gender, ethnicity, nationality, sexual preference or ablebodiedness, and if so, what are the costs related to these projects or initiatives? Patient clinical trials inclusivity – looking at the data collected and where certain groups are not represented. Currently no monetary allocation. GM Enhancing NHS Care Services through EDI project funded by Health Education England and Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership and The Christie - £97,00 for one year

Last updated: September 2022