300 - Document management system

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Date Submitted: 10/08/2022

Do you use a Document Management System (DMS) or other filing system (e.g. shared drive) to store and control your Trust documents? Yes
Section 1 - DMS
What is the name of your Document Management System? DartKW If you have a DMS, how much was installation and how much does this cost the Trust annually? Annually £31275 +VAT Does your system require you to buy licences in order to use the system? If so, how many licences do you have and how much did these cost? Yes. 100 concurrent licenses @ £6935 +VAT
How many staff do you have in your Trust and do they all have access to the DMS? 3312 staff employed. Not all staff have access.
If you have a DMS, what functionality does the system have and what does your Trust use it for? Acts as a repository for storing scanned documents in relation to patients.
Function Used by Trust Available but not used
Storage 8 CPU's & 32GB RAM
Version Control
Archiving/Deactivation Archiving
Organisation (i.e. as a document filing system organised into type of document such as policies, procedures, strategies etc) Document filing system in relation to any scanned documents required as part of a patient referral and treatment.
To give all staff access to Trust documents Links to CWP to enable staff to view scanned documents against the patient record.
For electronic sign off/approval/ratification of documents Yes. Patient consent to treatment forms.
To send automatic reminders to authors No
To produce automatic reports on the numbers and status of documents No
For auditing purposes (to monitor action plans etc) No
To raise changes requests and actions for documents and ensure completeness No
Can your DMS be accessed via mobile devices i.e. mobile phones etc? No
Does your system allow you to control the permissions that individual staff have i.e. admin rights, read only access, editing rights etc? Yes
Are these permissions controlled/issued by your Document Management Team? No
Section 2 - Other filing system i.e. Shared drive
What system do you use in order to control your Trust documents? DartKW
Section 3 - General
How many members of staff do you have in your Document Management Team? (full time and part time) N/A we don’t have one.
What agenda for change pay bands are these staff on? N/A How do staff access the Trust documents? Via our internal EPR

Last updated: September 2022