297 - Cable ties

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Date Submitted: 16/08/2022

1: can you advise if the trust uses plain or printed cable ties for their waste ?, if the answer is no , would the trust consider using them , if the price is right for the trust ? Printed cable ties
also we would like to let the trust know we currently supply around 65% of the NHS, and within the next 18 months the cable ties will be fully biodegradable from SPK promotions , but currently we only use and supply nylon PA66, would this be of interest? Yes
2: can you advise the size of cable tie , the colour , quantity per annum and print required ? 27cm, black, around 100,000 per annum and print required trust name & each tag individual coded/Numbered in batches of 1000 tags.
3: can you advise if you are currently under contract if so when is the end date ? Not under contract
4: can you advise the person or departments contact details, who deals with these and orders them ? Soft Facilities, Waste Minimisation Officer
5: can you advise the price per thousand of these which the trust would like to pay to keep there consumable prices down , not what they pay already ? 0.0150 per tag. Around £15 per 1000 tags
6: would the trust like to see samples from SPK promotions ,?, free of charge , if yes please advise a contact dept or person and a full postal address . Yes, Estates the Christie NHS Foundation Trust Wilmslow Road Manchester M20 4BX.
7: can we advise the trust that we currently can provide as many prints as possible(maybe for wards and departments to have their own ties )instead of just 1 generic print (ie the trust name ), and we have the facility and large storage to print ahead and store until delivery , so no lead times , is this of interest? Yes, The Christie NHS Foundation Trust, Tags Individual code/numbered
8: can we advise the trust we can supply references if needed from the many trusts we already supply, is this of interest? Yes

Last updated: October 2022