294 - Patient service requirements

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Date Submitted: 23/08/2022

1. Does the Authority Outsource its Patient Service Requirements (eg patient contact centre) and / or On-line Patient Portals, which may include / require the provision of staffing and / or the telephony systems used? No
2. If yes which services are outsourced and how many staff deliver each of these services? Not applicable
3. If yes, which company or companies are contracted to provide these services (if multiple please specify each supplier)? Not applicable
4. What is the contract start and expiry date (if multiple contracts exist please specify for each)? Not applicable
5. Is there an extension period within the contract? If yes, what is the period (if multiple contracts exist, please specify for each)? Not applicable
6. What is the annual contract value (if it is a zero-value contract eg based on activity, what has been the average spend or budgeted amount and if multiple contracts exist, please specify for each)? Not applicable
7. Is the authority partnering / working with any other Authorities / Partners on developing services which cover larger geographic areas (if yes, please specify service, location, and partners)? Not applicable
8. Does the Authority have an efficiency target for this financial year 2022/23, if yes please specify % of overall budget and amount to save? We do not record the information requested in this way.
9. Does the Authority provide in-house or outsource Patient Transport Services (if outsourced please specify contract start / expiry dates inc contract extensions, provider name, annual contract value and number of staff to deliver the service, please split by back-office and direct staff)? In-house
10. Is the Authority investing in Digital Solutions in 2022-23, for it's patients and are you working with any other partners to this effect (if yes, please specify nature of solution and partners name(s) (if any))?
All digital services exist for the ultimate benefit of providing care to patients and supporting all parts of the organisation and its staff to function for that aim.
11. What, if any, Digital Technologies would you like to see the Authority implement and/or adopt, if money was no barrier, to improve quality of service internally and externally? Information not held
12. What was the total number of patients the Authority treated (in all it's meanings) in: 2021 – 2022 / 2020 – 2021 / 2019 – 2020 / 2018 - 2019? Year Unique Patients Treated*
2018/19 - 42,325 2019/20 - 47,231 2020/21 - 47,191 2021/22 - 50,434 *To work out unique patients we look at unique identifiers for patients who received treatment either as an Outpatient, had an Inpatient spell, received some form of imaging, had radiotherapy or they received SACT.
13. Who is responsible for Digital Transformation within your organisation (name, title, email address) and what is the budget for this in 2022-2023 and where know, in subsequent years eg part of a 5-year plan? The Chief Information Officer is responsible for Digital Transformation. Please note that the Trust does not disclose staff details. An exemption under Section 40(2) of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 applies where the data requested engages the first principle of the Data Protection Act.
Digital transformation budget comes from centrally awarded bid funding, such as the unified tech fund. A funding bid was successful for the period 2021-23. Currently the funding has been withdrawn pending the negotiations on the NHS pay deal. It is therefore not yet known the amount of digital transformation funding the trust has been allocated, if any.

Last updated: October 2022