272 - Rooftop and greenfield mobile mast site

Request Details:

Date Submitted: 01/08/2022

Please provide me with all documents and electronic communications relating to the rooftop and greenfield mobile mast site agreements that your trust may have entered into with any of the following organisations (Code Operators) since 28 December 2017. The information should include internal emails and minutes of discussions relating to the site agreements.
a. EE Limited
b. Hutchison 3G UK Limited
c. Arqiva Services Limited
d. On Tower UK Limited
e. Cornerstone Telecommunications Infrastructure Limited (CTIL)
f. Airwave Solutions Limited
g. Vodafone Limited; and
h. Telefonica O2 UK Limited

Please provide the following information in respect of those agreements:

1. The number of agreements with any of the Code Operators that were renewals of existing agreements and the number of agreements relating to new sites. Nil
2. In respect of those agreements which were renewals, the number of renewals completed before the contractual expiry of the existing agreement. Not applicable
3. Where the agreements were renewals, the rent paid under the previous agreement and the consideration paid under the renewed agreement; and Not applicable
4. Any legal costs incurred by the trust in dealing with these agreements and not paid by the Code Operators. Not applicable

Last updated: September 2022