Zoe Chadwick, complex discharge team

Zoe Chadwick is our June 2021 You Made a Difference award winner. Judges picked her out as a very deserving winner and said that the comments made about her showed how she represents The Christie principles and behaviours.

“Zoe joined the complex discharge team (CDT) as a band 6 sister in October 2020, initially for a 6-month secondment which has been extended to 2 years. She started to work at The Christie in September 2018 as a staff nurse on ward 4 following the completion of her training/degree. Zoe spent time working on the acute assessment unit (AAU) before joining the CDT.
"Her current role involves her arranging the discharge or transfer of inpatients who are often in the last 3 months of life or who have complex care needs which need to be addressed to ensure a safe discharge takes place. The role involves her liaising closely with all the community services such as the district nurses, Macmillan teams, community equipment stores and making applications to the regional clinical commissioning groups to obtain funding to pay for professional carers so patients can go home for their End-of-Life care if this is their preference. She attends the daily ward board rounds to discuss all the current inpatients, recommending what actions need to take place and prompting the ward staff which are the relevant services they need to refer patients to to enable a timely discharge to take place.
"I have worked with Zoe on ward 4 during her time there when I was involved in arranging her patients discharge. She has always been really helpful, patient focused and forward thinking. When we were looking at possible Trust staff who could join the CDT for the secondment, several of the team members thought of Zoe before the post was advertised and they weren't wrong.
"Zoe has exceeded all expectations. She has fitted well into the team. She has wonderful communication skills with staff, patients and relatives alike. Since joining the team, she has had to deal with some complicated patient discharges.
"For the past 4 and half months, she has been caring for a young lady in her 20s who was transferred to The Christie for chemotherapy with a life expectancy of 6 months. Zoe has supported the patient and her partner who stayed at the hospital with her the whole time she was an inpatient. Zoe kept all the patient's family members updated as the treatment progressed and was closely involved in trying to arrange suitable housing for the patient to return home too in Telford, which she should not have had to do as this is not a role the team become involved in normally. But Zoe sees beyond her role and looks at the bigger picture for all her patients.
"Zoe helped set up a funding page for the patient and even arranged a free meal at a restaurant in town for the patient and her family to meet up outside of the hospital as they had been apart for such a long time. I know the patient and her family members appreciated and fully valued the loving care Zoe gave them throughout her hospital stay.
"Zoe has instigated a review of the problems we are currently experiencing with the North West Ambulance Service (NWAS) hospital transport service and the possibility of The Christie arranging a service with the St John's ambulance service. She has also been assisting matron Matthew Bilney with the data from and chairing the weekly long stayer inpatient meeting.
"It is difficult to describe Zoe's personality as she is so many things! She is like a 'whirlwind' as she ploughs through arranging safe patient discharges, only she leaves organisation and calm behind her. She is very supportive, thoughtful and caring for the team members and colleagues around the Trust. When the Trust was extremely busy, during the height of the COVID pandemic, she would ask if she could go and work on the AAU to support the staff and patients.
"She is constantly on the go! Trying to get her to slow down and relax is impossible. Away from work she currently has 2 main things - her new car, which she is whizzing around in and her black kitten Puddle, who she is devoted too. Zoe totally deserves this award!"

- Christopher Smith, complex discharge team manager

“We have a young patient that has been with us for a number of months and has been in a position to be discharged for a number of weeks but because of their complex needs in the community, living outside of GM and the pressure on community services and housing at the beginning of last week it looked as though this patient would have to remain with us at The Christie for a minimum of another 6 months. This, as you can imagine, was devastating for this young patient to hear.
"Zoe has been managing this case but after hearing that it could take months to resolve the issues she has spent her annual leave tenaciously, professionally pursuing other options for this patient. Today she has informed me that she has found alternative housing for this patient which now means they have a planned discharge date in July.
"She has really gone above and beyond for this patient - a fantastic example. Thank you”.

- Annie Dewberry, deputy divisional director of operations

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 Zoe Chadwick