Ward 12 team

The Ward 12 team are the October 2020 You Made A Difference award winners. Judges picked them out as very deserving winners and said that the comments made about them showed how they represent The Christie principles and behaviours. 

"To everyone on Ward 12, I can't mention everyone individually but you know who you are. From the constant supply of orange juice, the hunt for juicy veins, wiping my tears away, the jacket potatoes, saving me in the toilet when I went for a tap dance at 3am and fractured my spine (d'oh!), to talking me through every procedure and my bubble baths, you kept me safe and sane.
"I love you all dearly and will never ever forget every drop of kindness you all gave me on my 6 weeks staycation (yes, 6 weeks!). My review is 5 star all the way. I arrived broken and you rebuilt me, Ward 12.
To everyone on Ward 12. Thank you for being "you". Thank you for being my friend - because that's what you were to me. You are all brilliant and need to know it.

  - Jo Hilditch, patient 

"Ward 12 have gone through a number of changes within the team in the last 12-18 months. They have also seen a number of challenges throughout the COVID period, which they have adapted to really well. 
"A number of staff have been required to shield during COVID, and Zoe Price has been really creative in how she has then filled these gaps, with team members working outside of their usual role to support their team, including HCA Joan redeployed into the hostess role (a really important role that supports the busy team in making sure all the patients are well fed) and hostess Jane has been redeployed into the ward clerk role and helps to answer the phone and keep everyone organised.
"A new housekeeper has started in the team and has really made a difference to the environment on the ward, helping to keep the ward organised and clean, and making sure the clinical staff have everything they need. She also keeps the team entertained with her jokes and little dances.
"The team has recently been lucky to have 4 aspirant nurses deployed to them – Rebecca, Elodie, Lauren and Shauna. All 4 of these have since been successfully recruited to permanent band 5 positions within the team.
"In general, under Zoe’s leadership the team has really pulled together and supported each other throughout COVID, and the ward has a really welcoming and caring feel when you go on there.
"Ward 12 have recently been awarded Gold in The Christie CODE – a real achievement during COVID, and also were the first to pass two new standards (End of Life Care and Diabetes).
"The patient who has been quoted on the award was a patient who was a patient on Ward 12 for 6 weeks, during COVID. She describes really well the positive and caring culture that now exists on Ward 12, and how the staff kept her feeling safe and well cared for during a really difficult time.
"This patient is one of many who have given really positive feedback to the Ward 12 team, and they should feel really proud of the work that they do. Inpatient ward nursing is a particularly challenging role – but making such a significant impact on a patients experience is the reward for all of their hard work and professionalism."

  - Matt Bilney, matron