Ward 10 nursing and healthcare team

The ward 10 team is our February 2020 You Made A Difference award winner. The following comments were made about Nicola, Emily, Joan and Jennifer in the nominations.

Judges picked them out as very deserving winners of the You Made A Difference award. They said that the comments made about them showed how they represent The Christie principles and behaviours.

"I am writing to let you know of my experience on surgical ward 10, 13 February at The Christie and express my gratitude for the outstanding care. I was looked after amazingly by the following members of staff and felt that they genuinely cared so much, the positive attitudes and their professionalism.
"Emily, staff nurse - I first met Emily when I arrived on ward 10. I was in the most intense pain and she welcomed me with a smile and could see I was worried, everything she did, all the observations, she was so gentle, she had an excellent way about her, communicating what was about to happen, soft, caring, I told everybody she looked after me 'like a baby'. She is the most professional nurse I have ever met. Not only her nursing skills, her personality is genuinely caring, she checks the blood pressures, the readings that everything is spot on and so dedicated to her profession to the finest details. I cannot tell you how highly and fondly I think of Emily, she got me through a very painful and difficult time, she was there for me each night and I felt genuinely nursed and cared for. If the NHS needs a blueprint of the 'perfect nurse', Emily would be the candidate.
"Joan, healthcare assistant - Joan was super caring, dedicated and looked after me in an exemplary manner, she worked non-stop all night, caring for all the patients, ensuring we had drinks, that our needs were cared for. Nothing was too much trouble and she was a breath of fresh air. 
"Nicola, staff nurse - Nicola's sense of humour will brighten everybody's day on the ward. she is caring and makes you laugh and I had to say 'stop, you are making me laugh too much'. She was amazing, a lovely lady, very caring and with a smile for everyone. Full of the joys of spring every day. She brightened everybody's day. We all looked forward to seeing Nicola on duty.
"Jennifer, staff nurse - was amazing at looking after me on ward 10, very calm and relaxed and just put all the patients at ease. Felt so confident in her care. Lovely personality and experience showed in her nursing."

  - Bernadette Seymour, patient

"Joan has worked on ward 10 for several years and been a massive part of the team. She is a valued member and the team thinks very highly of her. She will always go above and beyond for a patient and excels in her role as healthcare assistant, always ensuring she carries out tasks to a very high standard. She always brings a sense of humor to her a shift with her entertaining and comical stories. 
"Emily is a core part of the team on ward 10. She always ensures she is thorough with each individual patient and ensures she takes the full holistic approach. She is extremely knowledgeable and passes this onto the rest of the team. She also embraces her link role and prides herself with excellent fluid balance charts. Emily will brighten up a shift with her bubbly and lively sense of humour. She puts others first and is an asset to the team. 
"Nicola is one of the most thoughtful and caring nurses I have ever met. She will always go above and beyond for patients and is commended for her work on ward 10. She has taken on the dementia link role for ward 10 and is outstanding in the role. She has developed resources for dementia patients and always goes the extra mile to ensure the rest of the team feel confident in communicating with dementia patients. She deserves this award to commend her amazing nursing ability."

  - Nicola Doherty, sister/charge nurse 

"I couldn’t be happier that Jennifer is in receipt of the YMAD award and it comes as no surprise. 
"She has worked on ward 4 and ward 10 as part of the rotation nurse position where she spent 6 months in each area and has experience in outpatients and CCU.
"She is a respected and valued member of the team who is always calm, approachable and professional. In her time on ward 4, she made her mark and we knew we had to have her back at the end of her rotation programme. Thankfully her heart was with ward 4 and she returned for a full time ward 4 position where she continues to thrive in her career."

  - Gemma Jones, ward manager