Laura Watson, receptionist

Laura Watson is our July 2021 You Made a Difference award winner. Judges identified Laura as a very deserving winner and said that the comments made about her showed how she represents The Christie principles and behaviours.

“Laura started in January 2019 and has been working here for over 2 years.
“Laura is the receptionist working in the blood room (department 35). Laura helps with booking appointments to the department as well as helping to book patients in on their arrival at the department. Laura helps with making sure that patients get the correct blood test by organising all the blood forms that get sent to the blood room. Laura also works closely with the research team to help make sure that staff taking bloods are aware patients who need trial blood.
"Laura has continued to go above and beyond in helping patients throughout the COVID pandemic. Laura always makes herself available to help patients who phone the department with any questions or issues they may have. Laura also helps during busy times when the porters are struggling to collect patients by taking some patients from the blood room to other areas when she can. Laura is always a calming presence in the department which is felt by both staff and patients. Laura often has to contend with lots of patients arriving at once, but she always gives each patient her full attention helping them as much as she can. She is always happy and is a complete joy to work with.
“Laura has always shown an interest in cycling. A few months ago, Laura did a cycling challenge to help raise money for charity in which she cycled 800km over 1 month to help raise money for the Red Cross. She also competes as a member of the Sheffield Stars cycling club and takes part in various competitions across the North West. Her team recently beat a team from Hull. She also recently won the Women’s Regional Pair Championship in cycling with her partner Emily Burgess.
“She has recently got 2 lovely kittens that Laura is using to help keep up the moral of everyone she works with.”

  - Philip Roberts, charge nurse /manager

“Laura has been linking in with our team a lot over the last few months. She is very professional and efficient and as a team we have been very grateful for her help and support.
“Laura is often the first face you see in department 35 and she always welcomes you with her friendly face and a smile which is nice as a colleague but very important for patients to see at their appointments.
“I have seen her interact with many patients over the last few months and she goes above and beyond to help where she can. Often calling departments for patients ahead of time to facilitate the patient experience and making other enquiries for patients when they are struggling with multiple letters and appointments.
“She is a very kind and supportive member of the team in the department, and I believe the recognition of her work and contribution she gives to the hospital is invaluable”.

  - Suzanne Allibone, colleague

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