Kirsty Shaw, critical care unit sister

Kirsty Shaw, sister on the critical care unit (CCU) is our December 2020 You Made a Difference award winner. Judges felt that she was a very worthy winner and the comments made about Kirsty showed that she really represented The Christie's principles of care.

"Kirsty is a sister on the critical care unit - she coordinates the shift and provides care for critically ill patients. She has been working in critical care at The Christie since 2014.
"Kirsty is a brilliant nurse and there are a number of reasons why she may have been nominated. However this could be because she works really hard and supports her colleagues, she is calm in the most stressful of situations and challenging in-charge shifts and she delivers excellent patient care, and builds brilliant therapeutic relationships with patients quickly to achieve the best outcomes.
"Kirsty is very sociable and would normally spend lots of time travelling to be with friends and family outside Manchester however in the current climate this hasn’t been possible. She is currently spending her free time mountain biking."

  - Kerry Millington, manager

“When I first started on the CCU, it was a really difficult and stressful environment. I felt sometimes very much out of my depth. I met Kirsty when I first started on the unit and found her to be really supportive and helpful.
"Over the past nearly 2 years, Kirsty is always supporting me on shifts, making sure I am not overwhelmed with tasks and is always asking if I need help. Even when she is busy herself, she will always support me, whether it is washing a patient for me while I am busy with a poorly patient or making sure I have had my break.
"Kirsty is constantly helping me learn and pushing me to achieve. She always believes in me and she always tells me "you've smashed it", it may seem like something little, but it makes me feel that I can do it, even when it’s difficult and feels like too much.
"She is such a great team member and I always know that I will be supported and looked after when Kirsty is on. Thank you, Kirsty for believing in me and making me a better nurse."

  - Katy Lenney, colleague

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