GatewayC Team

GatewayC Team are our April 2021 You Made a Difference (YMAD) winner). The following comments were made about the Team in the nominations. Judges picked them out as a very deserving winners and said that the comments made about them showed how they represents the Christie principles and behaviours.

 - Cathy Heaven, Associate Director of Education

"The team are responsible for delivering all aspect of GatewayC, which is now nationally recognised as a platform for primary care education in cancer. Specifically designed to support national early detection targets the team have successfully grown GatewayC from being a simple online education platform, into a brand which is recognised by HEE, NHSE, CRUK, Macmillan, RCGP and NICE for supporting primary care delivery nationally.

"The team have all been involved in working to deliver different aspects of our 20 modules of learning, our reporter style Cancer Conversations and our regular Cancer Keys email updates. During the pandemic the team responded to the needs of primary care and developed GatewayC Live to provide Webinars to the GatewayC clientele and most recently were commissioned by GM Cancer and GM Primary Care Cell to develop GatewayC Live4Manchester and GM Fast Facts, in an attempt to further support clinical practice and drive up early diagnosis performance in GM.  

"They are tenacious, dedicated and hard working. Their efforts in taking GatewayC forward have now affected the practice of over 9000 registered professional is all parts of the NHS and in every cancer alliance. They never stand still and are constantly pushing to reach more people, make their learning more effective … to improve the experience of more cancer patients.  

"They are Innovative, flexible and resourceful. During COVID they didn’t sit still; they pushed to look at what was needed in primary care and responded brilliantly through:

"Webinars to keep people informed, give people chance to ask questions and interact with experts and to ensure live updating. For example “Cancer and Covid vaccinations” or “effective telephone consultations” … the first of which had over 1000 registrants

"Covid related Cancer Keys that gave primary care staff the key messages that the system needed them to hear e.g. “persistent cough; think COVID-19, thing Cancer”  and “COVID-19 and neutropoenic sepsis”

"In doing this the team became a vital part of the support and communication system for primary care and developed products that then went on to be funded by HEE and GM Cancer. GatewayC has secured an extra £211,000 worth of investment on the back of how it responded to COVID-19

"They are a lovely caring team who go out of the way to support and help each other (always celebrating birthdays and achievements), to contribute to the School and the School’s environment (first to volunteer to help support development of the new platform) and to support fund raising for the Christie (team members have been on the alps walk and volunteered at vaccination stations).

"These wonderful people are 

  • Alice, Tashi and Katie who are our wonderful marketing and webinar team .. who love to create wonderful graphics and blogs, are wizzes at social medial and when allowed fabulous at camping out at conferences and meeting all sorts of new and wonderful people
  • Saimah & Amie our education developers, make all the connections, talk to patients, get the stories and work with our GP leads to create the content
  • Olivia, our film and script queen … she helps us bring the learning alive through film, puts up with the constant editing, and ensure that our films are of the highest qualities whether they are depictions of clinical consultations or experts sharing their knowledge and experience, COVID has definitely stretched your resourcefulness and ingenuity Olivia, but you haven’t come up short yet J
  • The digital learning team Jonny, Ashley, Maurice and Owen who set up learning objects for us, manage the platform and do all the trouble shooting  … techs in the background … but absolutely vital to getting our learning out there
  • Katie our new data manager who has only just joined us … welcome Katie and Tom her predecessor, who left us to join the BI team … both essential in ensuring we know who we are reaching, what they are accessing, and what the impact is … vital in helping us improve our product, improve our performance and assess our impact
  • Emma our project officer … our basic all round “does everything” person … what Emma doesn’t know about gatewayc isn’t worth knowing … but more than that, she keeps us all on track to achieve our targets, and also looks after all our accreditation and most importantly our finances.
  • We mustn’t forget our wonderful GP experts … Sarah Taylor and Rebecca Leon. Both give far more to this programme than asked, and both believe passionately in what we are doing. Without their direction and support we would be lost.
  • We must give a mention to Anna Perkins our ex-Programme manager, who has just left to take up a full time role in GM Cancer. Anna steered the ship until last month, sharing her massively belief in and enthusiasm for what we are trying to achieve, and her clear customer focus in helping is get it right
  • Finally Cathy our Director …

"It takes a team to achieve great things … you are a great team, and you have achieved great things … congratulations GatewayC, you have made a difference.

The GatewayC Team

 - Anna Perkins, Colleague

"The GatewayC team are a largely new team, many of whom joined the Trust just before Covid or during the pandemic. The team adapted quickly and got up to speed with their role in producing cancer education for primary care, to support with earlier referrals for patients with suspected cancer.

"Their hard work throughout the year meant that thousands more healthcare professionals have now registered for our free nationwide training and as a result, more patients should benefit from more timely referrals. Not only that, but the team spotted an opportunity mid-pandemic to offer reactive education focusing on Covid-related topics within cancer - such as whether or not cancer patients were suitable for the Covid vaccine, and how to distinguish between lung cancer and Covid symptoms, when lung cancer referral rates across the country plummeted.

"They launched a new webinar schedule, which attracted significant additional funding from Health Education England, and have seen hundreds of GPs logging on live to participate in their training (with the vaccine webinar seeing over 1,000 healthcare professionals register).

"The team's hard work, problem solving and flexibility during Covid has meant that their cancer education offer is stronger than ever, and we now reach more healthcare professionals in England than ever before.

"Thank you to the whole team for your hard work and dedication during this difficult time - I'm so proud of everything you've achieved.