Eleanor Pearce, haematology clinical research nurse

Eleanor Pearce, clinical research nurse in haematology is our January 2021 You Made a Difference award winner. Judges picked her out as a very deserving winner and said that the comments made about her showed how she represents the Christie principles and behaviours.

"Eleanor is a very experienced and dedicated research nurse on the haematology team. Her role involves interacting very closely with her patients where she fully acts as their advocate and ensures that her patients on her trials have a smooth as possible journey. She will ensure that all procedures are met by ensuring that she has covered every possible scenario. She will thoroughly explain all the procedures to the patient to ensure that they too understand what is expected of them.
"It is an involved and sometimes challenging experience but she ensures that the patient doesn’t have to be inconvenienced which in itself can be an issue. I believe that Ellie has been in her position for just over 4 years and in that time has built up a good reputation with both colleagues and patients alike.
"Ellie really excelled recently during the COVID-19 pandemic when most of her colleagues were off isolating or left for a variety of reasons. There was just Ellie and an interim manager who had recently joined the Trust. She took the responsibility for all the trial activity of the team and managed to ensure that the procedures that were required by the trial were adhered too. She was the glue that kept the team and the patients together by ensuring that the treatments were booked, bone marrows undertaken, scans organised and clinic appointments scheduled.
"Now we are back as a full complement of staff with new additions to the team, Ellie. has continued her excellent work rate by passing her knowledge and mentoring on to the new staff.
"Ellie is a dedicated professional who really shows compassion and care to her patients, she is sympathetic and will always give the time and consideration to her patients."

  - Robert Miller, manager

"Ellie goes above and beyond every day. She is committed to providing the best care possible for our patients and has the highest of standards. In recent weeks we have had serious staff shortages but Ellie just got on with the job and made sure all of our research patients have been safe and had their treatment on time.
"She has a great rapport with the patients and they know they can call on Ellie if they have any queries and she is always happy to help. The haematology team is very lucky to have her."

  - Andrea Whitmore, colleague

"[Ellie] went the extra mile (and beyond) to continue excellent care of haematology patients on clinical trials (covering both inpatients and outpatients) - we could not have continued without her."

  - Jim Cavet, Colleague 

"We have been through a very challenging time in haematology research with all our research nurses except Ellie moving on to new roles.
"Ellie has worked exceptionally hard to make sure that patients have not suffered and that we have been able to continue to offer clinical trials. She has gone above and beyond working many extra hours to make sure standards are maintained. Our patients feel very well looked after by her."

  - Emma Searle, colleague 

"We have had a lot of capacity issues these past few months and as such workload was quite overwhelming. However, Ellie has been exceptional in appropriately managing the patients and trial activities. She has worked so hard to make sure patients are seen in a timely and safe manner."

  - Dolapo Umar, colleague

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