Dr Patrick Shenjere, consultant histopathologist

Dr Patrick Shenjere is our September 2021 You Made a Difference award winner. The following comments were made about Patrick Shenjere in the nominations. Judges picked him out as a very deserving winner and said that the comments made about him showed how he represents The Christie principles and behaviours.

“Patrick found a distraught person perched on the ledge of the multi-storey car park roof (top open floor) who refused to come away at his request, instead reaffirmed to him her intent to jump. He restrained her during her attempts, whilst shouting out and gesturing to some builders on the ground to get help. When they all eventually somehow made ground level, she attempted to run on to the road too. He potentially saved a life and that is no small matter!
“Dr Shenjere is consultant histopathologist and speciality education lead at The Christie. He is the lead skin tumour and soft tissue tumour pathologist and is also involved in the reporting of haematopathology cases. He receives many skin and soft tissue tumour consultation/opinion cases from other pathologists in the North West and from outside the region.
“Dr Shenjere received his primary medical education at the University of Zimbabwe Medical School. After 2 years of internship, he did a four-year MMed course in histopathology at the University of Zimbabwe Medical School. Towards the end of his training, he also passed the European Board of Pathology examinations held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He subsequently moved to the United Kingdom where he trained as an SHO [senior house officer] in histopathology at Southampton General Hospital, moving to Manchester and the North West region for Specialist Registrar rotation.
“I know he tried his hand at golf, not sure if he still plays. He loves reading and keeping abreast with Histopathology related current affairs and literature. He loves teaching.
“He has his native music playing in the background in his office a lot, so clearly must be fond of it.
“He is a conscientious knowledgeable, hardworking supportive reliable, polite, amiable, and very helpful colleague and is a big asset to the Trust and the department”.

  - Bipasha Chakrabarty, colleague

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