Diane Dolan, social worker

Diane Dolan is our March 2021 You Made a Difference (YMAD) winner). Judges picked her out as a very deserving winner and said that the comments made about her showed how she represents The Christie principles and behaviours.

“Diane is a social worker and has been with the Trust for 5 years.
“I believe Diane was nominated because she goes above and beyond leaving no stone unturned in order that the patient goes home fully supported. 
“We all have been challenged by COVID-19 and Diane has been flexible with hours to cover the needs of the service, whilst juggling a young family.”

  - Matthew Bilney, matron and manager

“Diane makes my job on the ward so much easier – she is so respected by the ward nurses and doctors. She has made a real difference to so many patients on the wards and has supported the ward staff.
“She has been a great advocate for a challenging patient on the ward recently and has treated her with such compassion and dignity. She is really an inspiration.”

  - James Jones, colleague

“Diane is one of The Christie's social workers who has been on Ward 11 for a while recently dealing with a patient with significant social issues. She has made such a difference to this patient and is so non-judgemental and kind.
“I have spent a lot of time with Diane; she is really thorough and goes the extra mile for every patient. She is an asset to this Trust and I will greatly miss her and her professionalism when I rotate to another Trust.”

  - Raj Khera, Colleague

“Diane is incredible to work with; she goes above and beyond for every patient she has worked with.
Recently she has had an individual who has been a particularly challenging case, and she has worked so well and professionally with no judgement and has been a massive patient advocate. She works tirelessly and always seems to have the really difficult patients with little support, and always does the most amazing job.
“I have worked with her when I have been on the wards and on so many occasions she made such a difference to all the patients. I remember one patient I had who had come from overseas for treatment as they were not able to treat him in his own country, and she helped arrange appointments with the Embassy and was so kind and non-judgemental which I know a lot of people wouldn't have been.
“She also was involved with another patient who had a lot of family issues, this patient was with us for a long time and I remember the family ringing me several times a day wanting to speak to Diane as they trusted her.
“Since working in my new job, I have seen so much more closely the amazing work she actually does. A patient that was an inpatient for a very, very long time again from overseas was struggling to find a place to live, and Diane – again – treated the patient with dignity and respect and made such a difference. I feel she is so underappreciated in this Trust as the work that she does is essential. I genuinely love working with her (as does everyone else I work with) and the Trust would be lost without her.”

  - Zoe Chadwick, colleague

“Diane has been a social worker at The Christie for nearly 5 years. She is extremely hard working and conscientious, going above and beyond to support nursing colleagues and ensure the very best for our patients and their families.
“Diane will always assess patients in a holistic manner and explore all potential options to facilitate the most appropriate care and support outside of the hospital. She is highly skilled, knowledgeable and professional.”

  - Samantha Emblow, colleague

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