Cardiac arrest, critical care and supporting teams and the estates, porting and facilities teams

The cardiac arrest, critical care and supporting teams and the estates, porting and facilities teams are our joint November 2021 You Made a Difference Award winners. The following comments were made about the teams in the nominations. Judges picked them out as very deserving winners and said that the comments made about them showed how they represent The Christie principles and behaviours.

“On Friday 26 November 2021, a member of staff – Gavin – suffered a cardiac arrest and was taken critically ill within the estates department which is a non-clinical area. His colleagues in the office responded immediately.
“Urgent medical and nursing intervention was required immediately via the crash response team. The team that responded are all highly experienced, senior trained medical and nursing staff who delivered advanced life support to save Gavin’s life.
“Gavin was carried via the emergency lifting device and transferred to for medical care by the estates team. The clinical team were there to lead and support the transfer.
“There were a number of staff who are not part of the crash team and their support was vital in obtaining equipment from other areas and demonstrated multi-professional working across all teams with leadership and communication to get the best possible outcome.
“Gavin’s wife was supported and comforted by clinical and estates teams.
“On the day, the team gave the same support they would give to patients. However, as it was a member of staff that is well known and liked by everyone there was a feeling of immense camaraderie and everyone helping and supporting each other.”

  - Annie Dewberry, divisional head of nursing and AHPs, clinical support and specialist surgery

“I’d like to take the opportunity to thank everyone involved in the emergency response to Gavin.
“It was a particularly challenging situation given that Gavin is so well known in the Trust and many of his close colleagues and friends were involved in his care.
“The location of the emergency made the situation even more challenging, and it was certainly recognised that people went above and beyond to support Gavin. The teamwork observed was absolutely incredible.”

  - Kelly Carter, critical care outreach sister

“It was a great example of dedication and brilliant teamwork. Particular words of admiration and gratitude to Gavin’s colleagues. Well done, team!”

  - Larysa Duniec, consultant in anaesthesia

“This team were exceptional during a very difficult cardiac arrest of a colleague. As a member of the cardiac arrest team, we were faced with a very difficult situation where we had no equipment to provide the emergency care we needed to. The team from estates and the porters were amazing.
“Given that this was a colleague and a friend, they acted with upmost professionalism and went above and beyond what was expected of them. We would never have been able to have a positive outcome from this situation if it wasn't for their quick thinking and determination to help.”

  - Laura Clarke, colleague

“I would like to nominate the cardiac arrest and critical care teams for their recent exemplary work in aiding a staff member who had a cardiac arrest at work. Their fantastic teamwork has helped our colleague to have the best possible outcome despite a difficult situation.
“The teams are a credit to The Christie.

  - Tom Hicklin, colleague

“Gavin was sitting at his desk and appeared to collapse. Sean realised the severity and asked his colleague Phil to summon the crash team. They responded very quickly but, in the meantime, Sean and Jack took immediate action to assist Gavin and Howard, Phil and Dennis helped manage the situation.
“Once the crash team were able to move Gavin safely, Diane, Gaynor and Steph cleaned the equipment used (office areas etc.) and packed up various pieces of equipment.
“All staff working in the department were extremely shocked by the situation but responded correctly and assisted clinical colleagues as appropriate.
“Since the event, we have received several messages of support from Gavin’s family thanking the Trust colleagues for saving Gavin’s life.”

  - Rosie Gill, soft facilities manager

Has a staff member, team or volunteer at The Christie gone above and beyond in their work? You can nominate them for the monthly You Made a Difference Award.