Breast secretaries team

The breast secretaries team is our January 2020 You Made A Difference award winner. The following comments were made about the team, after they supported a colleague during a serious medical emergency.

Judges decided the team were very deserving winners of the You Made A Difference award. Thanks to their quick actions, their colleague received early and appropriate care.

"The breast medical secretarial and support team provide an excellent service to patients and clinicians alike. They ensure that the clinician has all the information available to them to make the patient journey as smooth as possible, from scans and reports to blood forms and clinic outcome forms. 
"The team also ensure deadlines are met and that they provide a high level of PA services to their consultants. They work well as a team and are always willing to help in times of need. They are wonderful with patients and will always go the extra mile. 
"I put the team forward for the award as they worked with the crash team on 17 December 2020 when one of the team became very unwell. This ensured that Marianne received early and appropriate care. This has meant she has had a good recovery and is looking forward to returning to work in the near future.
"When she became unwell they called the crash team, alerted the department manager and supported Marianne all the way from the initial episode to accompanying her in the ambulance to hospital and remaining there with family. They initially aided the crash team with information and then provided emotional support for Marianne. They ensured that the ambulance knew where to go and helped with the manoeuvring of the bed and Marianne where they could in some confined spaces.
"Outside of work, the team have varying hobbies; there is an avid cake baker, who along with the rest of the team organised the cake sale which raised over £250. They are also a very family orientated team and also have a large number of pets between them from dogs and cats to a parrot. They also have a keen horse rider in the team.
"They like to travel, either to far flung places or nearer to home - and of course, they like to socialise.”

  - Jan Broomhead, Assistant Services Manager