The Christie defining moments

We are working on a project to celebrate The Christie’s defining moments; our pioneering history and our innovative future. 

We will be promoting the final agreed list with displays throughout the hospital and as part of the Oak Road entrance public realm redevelopment.

Listed below are some of our top achievements over the years:

  • 1901: The Christie Hospital was founded
  • 1932: We created our very own ‘Manchester Method’ of radium treatment
  • 1944: Clinical Trials - The world’s first clinical trial of the breast cancer drug Stilboestrol was held in 1944. In 1970 we were the first to trial Tamoxifen, and in 2012 we led the trials of Zelboraf.
  • 1986: We revolutionised the treatment of leukaemia with the world’s first use of cultured bone marrow
  • 1991: We completed the world’s first single harvest blood stem-cell transplant
  • 2002: We were the site of the world’s first clinical use of image guided radiotherapy
  • 2010: We opened our radiotherapy centre in Oldham, followed by Salford and our mobile chemotherapy unit to bring Christie services closer to home
  • 2010: The Christie School of Oncology, the first of its kind in the UK, was launched.
  • 2018: The UK’s first high energy proton beam therapy centre will open at The Christie

Are there any other key moments you think should be included?

As well as all our achievements in research, education and treatments, The Christie is also well known for its caring culture and friendly atmosphere. We’d also like to know your thoughts on what the top words should be when describing The Christie – such as hope, support, caring etc.

We want to know your thoughts. Let us know your comments on the defining moments and the key words we use to describe The Christie by emailing: