Visiting a Patient

Visitors are welcome any time. If you are planning a morning visit we recommend that you call the ward before hand, as this is a particularly busy time. Also, please understand that patients may be called in for treatment during your visit so please bear with us.

Some wards do have restrictions on patient visits for health and safety and clinical reasons. So please check with the nurse before entering a ward. You should also let the nurse know if children wish to visit or a visitor is pregnant so that we can accommodate you properly.

If you have a cold or are unwell, it might be wise to postpone your visit. This is because many of our patient's immune systems aren't strong.

Flowers - The Christie does not ban flowers but we would like to remind our patients and visitors that having flowers within the clinical environment is not conducive to effective cleaning as they can add to/create clutter. Many of our patients have electronic medical devices at the bedside and there is a small risk of water being splashed or spilled onto these devices.  It is much nicer, and safer, to be surrounded by beautiful flowers in the comfort of your own home when discharged.

Other Visitor Information

Protected Mealtimes

Find out about protected mealtimes for patients and how this might affect your visit to The Christie.

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