Smoking cessation services

Do you want to stop smoking?

FREE  smoking cessation service is now available for all patients, carers and staff at The Christie.

We offer a free, friendly confidential service giving help, advice and treatment. Why not attend one of our clinics held in the Rehabilitation Unit.

We are running Smoking Cessation Clinics on

  • Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4.00- 5.30 pm.

You will need to book an appointment to attend these sessions by telephoning:

  • 0161 918 7175

Why is it important to stop smoking?

If you continue to smoke this may reduce the chance of your treatment being successful. It may also make the side effects of some treatments worse.

Smoking cessation is also the most important lifestyle factor in reducing ill heath and premature deaths from other cancers and conditions such as heart and lung disease. We strongly advise you not to smoke.

What happens if you are an inpatient?

One of our Smoking cessation therapists can see you on the ward for support, advice and treatment. Please ask the ward staff to make a referral to the Complementary Therapy team on your behalf.

How can we help you to stop smoking?

We can help you by providing:

  • Auricular acupuncture
  • Coping strategies for managing cravings
  • Relaxation and hypnotherapy techniques
  • Information about nicotine replacement therapies
  • Information about where to get help and support locally

What is auricular acupuncture?

This involves placing 5 very small sterile needles into each ear.  There can be slight discomfort on insertion.  Specific points are used to manage the cravings and provide deep relaxation.  We recommend that you rest quietly for up to 40 minutes during your treatment.  All needles are disposed of safely after your treatment.

The results of research studies suggest you may need a minimum of 3 acupuncture sessions.  We will always adapt and provide sufficient numbers of treatment to help you stop and maintain your success.

What other treatments could be useful in stopping smoking?

Our Smoking cessation therapists can also provide relaxation sessions, which can include hypnotherapy techniques to manage cravings. These can involve the use of guided imagery, visualisation and gentle breathing techniques. These therapies can be used alone or combined with Auricular Acupuncture.

What other help is available?

Our Smoking cessation therapists are trained to provide information about a range of strategies and support, including nicotine replacement therapy and other self help strategies.