During Your Treatment

When you arrive

Go straight to the reception desk in outpatients, or the reception desk in the patient treatment centre if you are having chemotherapy.

The receptionists will check your details on arrival and direct you to the appropriate waiting area. Some patients will be asked to have a blood test.

If this is your first visit to The Christie, you will be seen in the clinic by the doctor or nurse clinician, and any treatment will be discussed with you. This can take some time. We feel that this is a positive aspect of your care, but it can lead to delays so please remember this if you have to wait longer than expected.

A relative or friend can accompany you to see the doctor or nurse clinician. Please feel free to take them in with you.

Some patients have treatment on their first visit. Others are given a further appointment to come in for treatment. You may have some tests or investigations on your first visit, so be prepared to be here for a few hours.

Waiting to be seen by the doctor or nurse clinician

We try to ensure that you are seen at your appointment time. However, some clinics are complex. The time you spend with the doctor or nurse clinician will vary according to your needs. There can be delays. However, staff will keep you informed of the clinic's progress. You will not be booked in until one hour before your appointment time.

For people having:

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