Our New Outpatients

The Christie charity is aiming to raise just over £7 million for the redevelopment of our outpatient service that will see the current department move from its location near Wilmslow Road, to a brand new facility on the ground floor of the proton beam therapy building.

We have outgrown our main Outpatient Department on Wilmslow Road which is one of the busiest departments in the hospital.   

Whilst we celebrate the news that patients today are now living with cancer much longer than ever before, it does mean that we are seeing patients in the outpatient clinics over a longer period of time and for several years more in many cases. 

The outpatient service has long been identified as in need of considerable redevelopment to provide patients with a department that provides a calm, relaxed environment; the set-up of the existing outpatient department is not conducive to providing current clinical practice and the patient experience that we wish for our patients.  

Artist's impression of the new outpatients area

The first phase of the redevelopment is to undertake a re-location of the existing service to the space below the new Proton Therapy Centre which will provide a more improved patient centric environment than the current outpatients at Wilmslow road.

The new facility will have a greater number of consulting rooms and the patient waiting areas have been designed to benefit from windows and direct light to make the space feel more open for patients. 

Your donations in support of this project will enable us to create a superb new outpatient department which will not only enhance the hospital environment but will also improve the patient experience for current patients and for all those who will be referred to The Christie for cancer treatment in the future.

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