Maguire Communication Skills

The Maguire Communication Skills Training Unit has 30 years of expertise in communication skills research and training. Our team of expert facilitators delivers a wide range of training suitable for all levels of staff; individuals or organisations.

The Maguire unit is dedicated to promoting sensitive and effective communication; encompassing compassion, acknowledgement, respect, empathy, and dignity for patients and customers and which empowers the patient to make a fully informed choice based on their needs and preferences.

We can support delivery of quality measures in health and social care by:

  • Enabling Trusts and Healthcare professionals to provide evidence for peer review, CQC Quality Standards and Patient Experience Survey
  • Providing training mapped to NICE Guidance & KSF Levels

 Commissioning  training

Individuals can access our programme of courses running in Manchester. Service providers can either fund individual places or commission bespoke training to meet the specific needs of their organisation. The organisation can choose what is to be delivered, where, when and for whom.

Communication skills training using evidence based methods has been shown to improve compliance, quality of life, patient experience and satisfaction, reduce stress in health professionals, reduce medico-legal risk, decrease complaints, reduce costs, improve time management, improve job satisfaction and decrease professional stress (NICE Guidance & Care Quality Commissions Quality Standards). 

We deliver training in:

  • 'Connected' National Advanced Communication Skills programme - Maguire a key provider
  • Breaking bad news consultations
  • Assessment of Patients Preferences
  • Tailoring significant information.
  • End of life conversations (EOLC, DNAR)
  • Advance Care Planning (ACP), Preferred Priorities of Care (PPC)
  • Handling difficult or distressing conversations about sensitive and/or complex issues (KSF core competence 1, level 3 & 4, NICE Quality Standards, EOLC for Adults 2012)
  • Skills and strategies to manage
    • patient emotions (anger, aggression, distress, and tears),
    • expectations
    • dissatisfaction and complaints
  • Managing conflict & enhancing working relationships
  • Managing performance issues
  • Enhancing team working

Funded training for Voluntary & Community Sector/Charitable Organisations

The Society for the Investigation of Human Values granted funding to The Maguire unit to deliver training within voluntary organisations. The funding has allowed the unit to undertake a number of communication skills training initiatives within the voluntary care sector.

The team can offer:

  • communication skills training delivered directly to volunteers & staff
  • train key personnel within the organisation to deliver communication skills courses
  • offer individual funded places on our prospectus courses

Charitable organisations who are interested in communication skills training for their staff, and would like to discuss the training further, can contact the Maguire unit directly through the links provided or via the administrator Olivia Smith.

Contact details:

Telephone number: 0161 918 2012

Other professional bodies

Effective communication skills are transferable across any professional group which needs to have sensitive conversations, give significant or complex information, and handle distressed or angry customers or clients. Please contact us to discuss how our training can meet your organisations particular needs.