PET CT partnership with Alliance Medical

The Christie is working in partnership with Alliance Medical in a national contract for the delivery of PET-CT services.      

This will involve delivering education to support radiographers, technologists, radiologists and nuclear medicine consultants.

About the national PET CT contract

Over the next ten years The Christie NHS Foundation Trust will play a major role within the Molecular Imaging Collaborative Network who will be delivering PET CT services to 60% of England under a new National Contract.


PET-CT Courses

The School offers a range of courses on PET-CT which have been specifically developed to address the specific needs of staff within different roles.

Please click on the links to access further information about each of the courses.

Introduction to PET-CT

half day or full day

Foundations of PET-CT

one day

Intermediate/Enhanced level PET-CT

one day

Advanced PET-CT 

one day

Leadership development

The School of Oncology will be delivering a range of leadership development seminars as part of the programme.

Managing time, workload tensions and effective teams - seminar

Presenting new and innovative ideas to colleagues: learning to influence - seminar

Understanding the changing landscape of the NHS - seminar

Understanding how people think, becoming an effective motivator - seminar

Managing tricky conversations with colleagues - seminar

Clinical skills

The School offers two separate courses to prepare clinical staff and assistants to cannulate and give radio-isotopes in preparation for PET-CT scanning. 

IV cannulation and radiopharmacy    
(clinical staff) - 2 day

IV cannulation and radiopharmacy    
(clinical assistants) - 1 day

Health and Safety

Basic radiation protection in nuclear medicine and PET CT - study day

Radiation protection (2 yearly update) - study day