Pre-operative Assessment Clinic

You will be seen at the preoperative assessment clinic approximately 1-2 weeks before your operation.

At this clinic you will be seen by a highly specialist team who will assess your fitness for surgery and undergoing an anaesthetic. This in depth assessment may take an hour, and then you may see other specialists at the same time. They will do blood and urine tests and possibly an ECG (tracing of your heart). They may also send you for other tests that may be necessary.

The pre-op team will also answer any questions that you may have about your hospital stay and surgery. They may ask an anaethetist to review you at this appointment or ask you to attend to see them on another occasion. You will also be given written information about your surgery and recovery at the clinic.

You may be seen by the Enhanced Recovery Nurse who will discuss the program with you and explain the part you will play in your recovery. You will also be offered a tour of the ward and Critical Care Unit if you wish. 

You may be given the opportunity to see one of our team of Complimentary therapists and our smoking cessation team at the pre-operative assessment clinic if it is necessary.