Cancer waiting times

In this section you can see if we are meeting waiting time targets, from the time of your referral to commencement of treatment.

62 days target

All patients who have been referred by their GP or by a dentist on a suspected cancer pathway should receive their first definitive treatment within 62 days of referral receipt. We have achieved the reallocated position for all of the 62 day targets for the month of March

31 days 

All patients should have their first definitive treatment from deciding with their Clinician on a treatment plan to actual commencement of treatment within 31 days

31 days subsequent treatment for surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

All patients who are deemed clinically appropriate to treat by their clinician should receive any subsequent treatment within 31 days.

We have achieved all 31 day targets for the month of March. 

18 weeks

All patients who are referred for treatment should be treated from receipt of referral to treatment within 18 weeks. We have achieved all 18 week targets for the month of March.