Integrated Procedures Unit

In June 2015 Manchester City Council approved planning permission for The Christie to construct a new Integrated Procedures Unit (IPU) at its main Withington site.

The IPU will be a state-of-the-art unit which will allow us to bring five of our day-patient services together under one roof based above the main entrance on Oak Road.

Thousands of patients, will all receive treatment in one place creating a seamless treatment experience. This will mean shorter waiting times for day-patients who need to see our plastic surgery, endoscopy, radiology, pain management or day case procedures teams.

The IPU will give patients better access to the latest treatments and medical procedures developed at The Christie. The IPU will have longer opening hours, so patients can come either before or after work to suit their personal needs.

By integrating and expanding five treatment services for our day-patients, we can speed up treatment sessions, eliminate transfers between departments and minimise the need for overnight stays.

The five day-patient services that will be expanded and brought together under one roof are:

Interventional radiology - The new IPU will double our capacity for image-guided procedures, such as the insertion of stents. We will also be able to offer less invasive treatments such as tumour embolisation.

Day-case procedures - With six new rooms, this team can help equip even more patients with the catheters they need for ongoing chemotherapy. 

Plastic surgery - The IPU's new theatre will bring together a large portion of the plastic surgery department, including dressing and anesthetic procedures which are an essential part of this vital surgery.

Pain control - With its own specialist area, patients can receive their assessment and treatment on the very same day.

Endoscopy clinic - Patients in this clinic will have their own dedicated waiting area, along with improved facilities to provide them with the privacy they need.

As the IPU begins construction some services have been relocated temporarily, some disruption to the normal flow in operations may occur, these have been planned carefully to ensure that the patient experience is still excellent.

There will also be changes to the main entrance of the hospital and from 14th March 2016 patients and visitors will be able to access the hospital from Oak Road by a new temporary entrance that is to be located next the Oak Road Treatment Centre. This entrance will be clearly sign posted as Entrance 3, Oak Road.

The new drop off area will take the place of the accessible parking spaces on Oak Road. Alternative accessible parking is still available in Car Park C, Palatine Road and Car Park D, Wilmslow Road.

The current drop off area, around the roundabout will become part of the construction site and the drop-off point will be relocated to the area currently used for disabled parking. To find out where disabled parking will be available click here.

The Christie is aware that this project will increase the amount of construction work being undertaken on Oak Road in 2016, coinciding as it does with the construction of the new Proton Beam Therapy Centre. We have made Oak Road a one way route for traffic to ensure that the road is not blocked.

Both sites will be managed by the same building contractor, Interserve Construction Ltd, a multi national and experienced construction company and member of the Considerate Constructors Scheme. As such they are committed to taking steps to minimise noise, mess on the roads and footpaths and vibrations, informing local people about their work, caring for the environment and keeping people safe. Working with The Christie, Interserve will provide regular updates on their progress and any key events that are taking place.

Please check our latest news page regularly to find out all the latest information on this exciting project.